Cleaning Services

Partner in Excellence, Community Gatekeeper

As a company we offer an array of cleaning services, including:
  • Residential cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • After party clean-up
  • Spring/occasional cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Organizing
What makes our company different than most?
  • We use only non-toxic products to clean.
  • The products clean just as well as bleach.
Call to get your free quote today! Ask for Sarah. 530-209-1128

Sarah’s Scottish Maids, LLC. BIO:

I developed this company in June 2016, with a simple box of non-toxic cleaning supplies and myself as the worker bee. I have always been an exceptional cleaner growing up. However, I also worked side by side with my father back in 2000 after I graduated high school. My father owned and operated a very successful commercial cleaning company in Kentucky. This job is where I started learning the specialized skill set required to clean professionally.

In June 2018 I put aside my simple cleaning box and started relying on the employees I had been training for the past 6-8 months. My job within my company is to hire, manage, train employees, and keep the company in a competitive direction, all while increasing business each day.

I take a lot pride in my work, my company, and how my employees clean and interact with the clients. What sets Sarah’s Scottish Maids aside from the other companies out there is the fact that the owner, myself, started this company as a solo operation, from scratch, and through many, many hours of hard work created a success story. I have put sweat, blood, and tears into making this company a success.

I invite those that are looking for a reputable cleaning company to please read our google reviews and request a quote from Sarah’s Scottish Maids, you will not regret it!

Information: Owner: Sarah Wilson
Employees are: background checked, drug tested, workers comp covered, liability coverage.
Business is: Licensed and bonded

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