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Most of us have little experience with elder care until a parent becomes suddenly ill or in need of help. It may start with an unexpected event (a fall or hospitalization). Then, over time, your loved one needs more and more help.

The good news is that there are people who specialize in elder care, from the legal side to the medical and everything in between. They can serve as great local resources to help you get a sense of what to expect and the best way to address whatever issue you are facing. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel!

Below are local services offering support to caregiving families.


Elder Law Attorneys

“Elder law” is a special branch of the law that has to do with issues of special concern for older adults. People consult an elder law attorney when they are setting up a living trust. Or when they are creating a will. Elder law attorneys can also help in situations where families are worried that an older relative may no longer be safe living alone at home. Or if they have concerns about a loved one’s ability to handle finances wisely. Elder law attorneys can also advise you about financial options, tax matters and Medicare coverage for long-term care.


Local Listings of our Excellence in Service Partners

Call us for resource information and a listing of our Excellence in Service Partners at 530-232-5543

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Financial Planners

Especially as retirement looms and income earning years draw to a close, it’s important to have a nest egg. Financial planners can help you manage your loved ones assets. They can also help you determine your own retirement needs and set savings goals while investing your money in a manner that matches your personal style. (Some people are said to have a high risk-tolerance. This means they tend to be more willing to take chances with their money on the possibility that they can earn more interest. Others have low risk-tolerance, meaning they would prefer security and a more predictable rate of growth.) Whatever your investment style, a financial planner can work within your comfort level to help you achieve your monetary goals.


Local Listings of our Excellence in Service Partners

Call us for resource information and a listing of our Excellence in Service Partners at 530-232-5543

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Aging Life Care™ Professionals

These professionals understand the process of aging. Plus they know the many physical, emotional and financial pressures that families come under when caring for an older relative. It’s difficult to be objective when a loved one is having problems. Adult siblings frequently disagree about the severity of the issues. And they often have different ideas about the best way to handle the situation. A geriatric care manager provides perspective. He or she can do an assessment and give you and your family a sense of any threats to independence. The geriatric care manager can then recommend home modifications. Or, he or she can direct you to community services, or alternate living arrangements. The goal is to suggest workable options that will support your relative’s current and future needs. Because this type of help is non-medical, it is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.


Local Listings of our Excellence in Service Partners


Shiningcare, Inc

1448 Pine Street

Redding, CA  96001

Phone: 530-232-5543

As Aging Life Care Professionals, our top priority at ShiningCare is to help your loved one live as independently as possible while still being safe and secure. We can tailor a personalized solution uniquely designed to meet your family’s needs. Our familiarity with local resources saves you time, and often money. Our compassionate understanding of the aging process saves you distress.

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Home Health Care (medical)

Home health care is a program that allows patients who cannot leave home easily to receive periodic visits from a nurse or other medical specialist. Often this is when someone is recovering from a surgery. But it can also involve management of an illness that needs periodic medical attention. The care might include a nurse overseeing the healing of a wound. Or it could be a physical therapist coming out to help with exercises after a hip replacement. This type of care is called “Home Health Care” because it is medical in nature. It differs from in-home care, which involves non-medical help. Because home health involves medical specialists, it may be paid for, in part or in whole, by Medicare.

Local Listings of our Excellence in Service Partners

Call us for resource information and a listing of our Excellence in Service Partners at 530-232-5543


Healthy Living At Home

2150 Churn Creek Rd Ste 100

Redding, CA  96003

We take pride in being a Home Health Agency operated by experienced professionals with extensive clinical, healthcare and hospitality backgrounds.

This edge is extremely beneficial in many different ways. Here are just a few:

  • Clinicians and caregivers are trained to provide expert, accurate and compassionate care in the patient’s or client’s home.
  • Services are personalized to each patient or client.
  • Patients can be assured that the Healthy Living at Home clinicians have the in-depth knowledge and expertise in addressing the special needs of the geriatric population.


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Hospice and Palliative Care

If the person you care for has a serious, life-threatening illness, he or she might start to think more about the quality of his or her days, rather than the quantity. This is especially true if treatments are difficult and offer only a slim chance of recovery.

For those with incurable conditions, whose focus is to remain comfortable and pain free, hospice is a wonderful option. It is available at no cost to persons on Medicare. A nurse makes regular home visits. A home health aide comes several times a week to help with bathing. And the services of a chaplain and social worker are available for spiritual, emotional and social support. A volunteer can even come for a few hours a week to give the family caregiver some time off.

People often think that hospice is only for the last few days of a person’s life. Not true! It is available for weeks and months. Most families say they wish they had signed on to hospice sooner. Palliative care is similar to hospice, but is available even while a person continues to seek curative treatment. Ask you doctor if hospice or palliative care services are appropriate support for your family member.


Local Listings of our Excellence in Service Partners:

Call us for resource information and a listing of our Excellence in Service Partners at 530-232-5543


Sojourn Hospice & Palliative Care-Redding LLC

2155 Larkspur Lane

Redding, CA 96002

Office: 855-472-3892

Sojourn Hospice is a sister agency to Healthy Living at Home Home Health. They are staffed by dedicated hospice professionals to bring you and your loved ones comfort and support when a life-limiting prognosis has been made. Hospice is the original provider of palliative care by addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient and family. When our hospice care is no longer needed, we offer bereavement support through individual counseling and follow up or by meeting with our bereavement support group. It is an honor to walk with people through this final chapter in the story of their life.

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In-Home Care (non-medical)

In-home care is for individuals who need assistance with personal tasks. These are non-medical in nature, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, or going to the bathroom. Kind and knowledgeable caregivers can provide much needed assistance and companionship so your loved one can stay comfortably and safely at home. Because this type of help is non-medical, it is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.


Home Helpers of Redding


2620 Larkspur Lane,

Redding, CA 96002

(530) 226-8350

Your Extended Family When Family Can’t Be There

At Redding Home Helpers Home Care, we’re here to do exactly what our name says: help. We’re more than an in-home health care agency – we’re your extended family when family can’t be there.

From our initial free in-home consultation to compassionate, caring in-home health care services to medical monitoring, we provide exceptional support for you, your loved one, and your entire family.

We work with you to create a customized care plan that matches your family’s needs, taking the time to understand your unique situation through a step-by-step process for the best quality of life for your loved one and peace of mind for you.


We meet with you at no obligation to get to know you and understand your family’s needs, answer your questions, and assess care needs.


Our free home environmental assessment identifies potential hazards and helps ensure the home is safe for your loved one to age in place.


We know it can be difficult to open your home to a stranger, so we match every client with the most compatible caregiver, and we personally introduce caregivers and clients. When your loved one is partnered with the right caregiver, they become members of an extended family that provides compassionate, attentive care and the best possible quality of life.


We work within your budget and partner with your long-term care insurance provider to ensure your family’s care services fit your financial requirements.

Care When and Where It’s Needed

Our home care services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you know your loved one’s needs are always being met. We offer care when and where it’s needed, whether it’s at home, in a retirement community or assisted living, or skilled nursing facility.

We also help those recovering from surgery or injury, coping with a long-term illness, or managing an ongoing medical condition such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, or ALS. Whatever your family’s needs, Home Helpers can provide the care that makes the difference.

Get Started on the Path to Compassionate Care

Schedule your free in-home consultation and safety check today, and start your journey to greater peace of mind.


Local Listings of our Excellence in Service Partners:

Call us for resource information and a listing of our Excellence in Service Partners at 530-232-5543

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Home Mortgage

Neal Kinder- Sales Manager / Mortgage Loan Originator

Office: (530) 319-3102
Cell: (530) 209-3865 (Text me!)
Fax: (530) 267-9180
Email: nkinder@teamvitek.com
Licensed – NMLS # 242596
States Licensed: CA
Location: Redding

Languages Spoken: English

About Me

With 15 years of experience as a mortgage loan originator, I feel privileged to have helped numerous clients with diverse needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to purchase your first home, a second home, an investment property, or refinance your existing mortgage, I’ll walk you through each step of the loan process, so you will be confident in your decision to work with me. I will take time upfront to learn about your personal situation, so I can share with you the home loan options right for your needs. I am committed to helping you make the right financing decision for you and your family.

Honesty, integrity, and living by my word are paramount to me in both my professional and personal life. I strive to provide you the same home loan experience I would expect to receive. Throughout your loan process, if you have any questions that come up, I will be available by phone, email, or to meet in person. In addition, I specialize in helping clients with complex financial situations, including borrowers who are self-employed and have multi-stream incomes.

In addition to my experience as a mortgage loan originator, I have also been a branch manager and partner/owner in a mortgage company. I have been the past president of the Shasta Business Builders and Shasta Association of Realtors® Affiliate’s Committee. In my free time, I enjoy golfing, racing my Legends car, flying, riding quads in the sand dunes, and just enjoying the great outdoors.


Local Listings of our Excellence in Service Partners:

Call us for resource information and a listing of our Excellence in Service Partners at 530-232-5543


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Medical Home Equipment

Everything Medical

2376 Athens Ave.,

Redding Ca, 96001


877-221-3633 toll-free

Open: Monday – Friday  8:30 AM – 6:00 PM, Saturday-9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Serving Northern California from the Oregon border to the Pacific Coast, including Eureka, Sacramento, and Humboldt counties

Visit Everything Medical to see our spacious showroom with over 6,000 square feet of the best brands in home medical supplies. From daily living products to motorized mobility equipment, you’ll find it all in our shop.

Guaranteed FREE local delivery within 2 hours for orders in Redding


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Simmons & Associates

1551 E. Cypress Avenue, Ste F

ReddingCA 96002

Telephone: (530) 605-1902


Simmons & Associates, CPA Inc. provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. We strive to meet each client’s specific needs in planning for the future and  Achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.


Teri formed Simmons & Associates CPA Inc. so that she could have creative control of her business and foster deeper client relationships. She has over 20 years of experience providing tax and accounting services to a wide range of clients. Teri has also expanded her skills to include auditing services for government and non-profit organizations. Other specialties include internal control consulting and virtual controller functions in industries such as construction, automotive, trucking, real estate, background investigation and retail.


  • California State University, Chico – Bachelor of Science, Business Administration with concentration in Accounting
  • Certified Public Accountant License #95094, California


  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA)


  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning


  • Small Business Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Part-Time CFO Services
  • Audits – Reviews – Compilations
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Bank Financing
  • Business Valuation
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • New Business Formation
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Internal Controls


  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Problems
  • IRS Audit Representation
  • Non-Filed Tax Returns
  • Back Taxes Owed
  • Payroll Tax Problems
  • IRS Liens
  • IRS Levies
  • IRS Wage Garnishment
  • IRS Seizures
  • IRS Payment Plan
  • Offer In Compromise
  • Bankruptcy
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Get Your IRS File


  • Why QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Setup
  • QuickBooks Training
  • Quick Answers
  • Quick Tune-up
  • QuickBooks Tips
  • Buy QuickBooks and Save


Local Listings of our Excellence in Service Partners:

Call us for resource information and a listing of our Excellence in Service Partners at 530-232-5543

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Reverse Mortgage



Rich Pinnell Reverse Mortgage Loan Originator

Office: (530) 768-5557
Cell: (530) 941-4130
Fax: (530) 232-0191
Email: rpinnell@teamvitek.com
Licensed – NMLS # 1067640
States Licensed: CA
Location: Redding

Languages Spoken: English

About Me

Helping seniors determine if a reverse mortgage is right for them is more than a job to me; it’s a passion. I’m so grateful for the lives I get to impact and the friends I get to create. My goal is to help seniors and their families better understand the reverse mortgage products so they can determine if one is right for their needs.

Whether you decide a reverse mortgage is right for you or not, my hope is that you will find me to be a trusted advisor and someone you can count on for future mortgage advice. My personal and business philosophy is to always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

On a personal note, family is incredibly important to me. My wife and I are blessed to live so close to our two grown boys, their wives, and our grandchildren. We enjoy spending quality time with our family and friends, water and snow sports/activities, and of course soccer. I am very passionate about making a positive difference in the community and the lives around me. For more than 40 years I have volunteered in youth soccer leagues. I started as a coach and then went on to local league management. From there I have spent the past 20 years serving at the state level, including state board member for the last 16 years.


Local Listings of our Excellence in Service Partners:

Call us for resource information and a listing of our Excellence in Service Partners at 530-232-5543

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Home Maintenance

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Cleaning Services








As a company we offer an array of cleaning
services, including:

  • Residential cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • After party clean-up
  • Spring/occasional cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Organizing

What makes our company different than most?

  • We use only non-toxic products to clean.
  • The products clean just as well as bleach.

Call  to get your free quote today!  Ask for Sarah.  530-209-1128

Sarah’s Scottish Maids, LLC. BIO:

I developed this company in June 2016, with a simple box of non-toxic cleaning
supplies and myself as the worker bee. I have always been an exceptional cleaner growing up. However, I also worked side by side with my father back in 2000 after I graduated high school. My father owned and operated a very successful commercial cleaning company in Kentucky. This job is where I started learning the specialized skill set required to clean professionally.

In June 2018 I put aside my simple cleaning box and started relying on the employees I had been training for the past 6-8 months. My job within my company is to hire, manage, train employees, and keep the company in a competitive direction, all while increasing business each day.

I take a lot pride in my work, my company, and how my employees clean and interact with the clients. What sets Sarah’s Scottish Maids aside from the other companies out there is the fact that the owner, myself, started this company as a solo operation, from scratch, and through many, many hours of hard work created a success story. I have put sweat, blood, and tears into making this company a success.

I invite those that are looking for a reputable cleaning company to please read our google reviews and request a quote from Sarah’s Scottish Maids, you will not regret it!


Owner: Sarah Wilson
Website: www.sarahsscottishmaids.com
Phone: 530-209-1128
Employees are: background checked, drug tested, workers comp covered, liability coverage.
Business is: Licensed and bonded



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Professional Exterminators




Office: (530) 338-2822

Cell: (530) 559-5949

Email: proexterminator@gmail.com

Licensed – #PR7247

Office Location: 1551 E. Cypress Ave. Suite D

Office Hours: 9-3


We thoroughly inspect your place, resolve your problem in a cost-effective way and set up your home or business to prevent new problems from happening. We offer Complete spectrum of services ranging from Pest Control maintenance programs to intensive pest treatment while offering either traditional or green products. No job is too big or too small



WE OFFER: Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual services

WE COVER: Residential, Commercial, Multi-Housing Units, Stores, Churches, Gyms, Schools, & Restaurants

WE SERVE: Shasta, Tehama, and Siskiyou Counties


When you need a professional to assist with Pest Control, it’s important to have someone you can trust. We are licensed and never require a contract to perform ongoing pest management. Our business is built on integrity and quality customer service. Keeping your home or business clean and pest-free is our priority.

HIRE US WITH CONFIDENCE – We are Members of the following Associations and very involved with what’s going on in our community:  Better Business Bureau, Anderson Chamber of Commerce, Redding Chamber of Commerce, Shasta Business Builders, Pest Control Operators of California, and National Pest Management Association


Dave started working with Professional Exterminators in 2002 as an applicator.  He built a route, obtained his Field Reps and then was brought on as a partner over the years.  Following he received his Operators license and in 2015 he and his wife bought the business and has remained a fast-growing family owned local business.  He remains “in the know” in pest control with continuing education classes and has served on the board of directors in various positions.  He has also participated in helping create the state board exam for future licensing.  Dave shares a wealth of information with our customers regarding their pest issues.  Our main focus for our company is to provide a great service to our customers while helping them feel like family. We say treat others the way we want to be treated.

Locally owned and operated, we are a name you can trust.

Local Listings of our Excellence in Service Partners:

Call us for resource information and a listing of our Excellence in Service Partners at 530-232-5543


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