Insights on Aging

The goal of this website is to give you straight talk about the journey of aging. We strive to describe the normal changes of advancing years. Many of these changes involve losses, although you may be surprised to learn about the benefits—things that get better over time. We also point out changes that are problematic and when it’s time to seek help.

For older adults
We hope that you come to understand that you are not alone with the challenges of aging. Most people face these same concerns as they get older. There are ways to make the adjustment easier, though, drawing upon your strengths and allowing others to assist you. That is part of the grace of aging.

For family members
We hope to give you a sense of the issues your older loved ones are facing. By helping you understand the profound need for older adults to retain control over their own lives, we strive to point the way so you can work together as a team with empathy and respect. After all, one day you too will be making this journey.

Planning for independence
At ShiningCare, we believe it’s better to look fully at potential changes so you understand the range of possibilities. With sound information, you can plan effectively to maximize your independence and travel your path your way.

Below are insights designed to give you the big picture of the most common changes associated with aging. Not everyone experiences all of these, but the vast majority experience some of them. At least you will see that you are not alone.