Social & Recreational Activities

May is Older Americans Month celebrating and acknowledging the value that older adults continue to bring to our communities by making an effort to applaud recent achievements of local elders and inviting them to share the activities they do to unleash the power of age.

The “Powerful Senior Award” is an opportunity to recognize a Shasta County individual and share their stories with the public. Nominees had to be at least 60 years old and reside in Shasta County and actively engaged committed members of their community.

Their involvement (through work or volunteerism) must have had a significant and positive impact on the community.

ShiningCare will celebrate the vitality and aspiration of 2019 winner that will be announced May 31, 2019 on our Facebook page with a reception date to be announced.

Vote for your favorite nominee starting April 1, 2019 – May 23, 2019 on our FB page or on

Congratulations to our 2019 nominees:
Barbara Harrison
Mike Lampella
Patrick Moriarty








Social & Recreational Activities

Staying mentally and physically engaged in meaningful activity, as well as being socially connected to mutually beneficial relationships is key to a thriving aging life.

Common risks older adults face are becoming isolated and depressed, which in turn leads to multiple health and safety risks.  Beyond the avoiding these risks, is the importance of living a full, quality life.

We assist with staying safe and achieving the highest level possible for health and happiness in the golden years of later life. Our mission is to help folks go beyond surviving to thriving.  No matter what has been lost and the difficult circumstance, we believe that there should, and can be a full and abundant life until the end.  This is our passion and our ministry.

We not only focus on connecting clients to services for health and safety, but also assist with connection to social and recreational activities which are most suitable to our client’s abilities, personality and wishes.  We also offer a variety of both in-home activities, as well as Grace Place group classes.

Coming Soon! ShiningCare’s Activities and Classes:

 Music, Memories & Memoirs:

Help record  shared memories, lessons learned or wisdom gained during those times associated with those memories. Subsequent sessions include listening along to the music while going through old pictures, memoires, etc.

Additional activities may include putting together a scrap book and/or organizing pictures into photo albums with the memory information noted along with the memories. Additionally, we can also use devices to capture pictures and video of the memory, telling to create a video to give to family for legacy. Photos and memories can also be put into a book or other publication of your choosing.

Music & Motion:

Listen to old time favorites, while you sing along and move to the music right from your seat!





Creative Collaging:

  • Using magazine images, photos, stickers and stamps to express emotional sentiment and create beautiful art to keep and reflect upon or to give to loved ones.
  • Find an inspiring or moving words within a magazine along with associated pictures and words.  Write a poem or saying using each letter of the word and include it in the collage. Frame it and hang in home or room or give to family and friends.  I.e.
  • God’s Light and love Overshadows darkness and shines Radiant hope for You and me and the whole world to see.

Story Time

Have sharing and discussion time about favorite story about your pet  for mutual inspiration and connecting with others.



Joy in Cooking: Recalling, Recreating & Recording Family Recipes

An in-home activity exploring old family meals and recipes they remember enjoying in years past. Explore new ways to make the recipe to fit dietary restrictions and health needs. Record memories related to enjoying these dishes, as well as finding, preserving or writing the recipes and personal instructions of how they made the dish.  Additionally, can do meal planning with them and/or loved one to create a food shopping list and/or a suitable menu selection from our caterer and food preparation partners. We’ll explore and discover traditional meals that bring warm feelings and fond memories, and include them in current meal plans.

Meal Planning, Shopping & Meal Delivery:

Bonus Activity: Create weekly or bi-weekly meal plans that may include a combination of foods they can prepare themselves, meals home care or natural supports may prepare and/or prepared meals that come from food service partners. We coordinate the plan at our home visit when they choose to have this service in their Aging Life Circle of Support plan.

Another option is doing food preparation for them as an activity.  They could participate in the food preparation as able. We could facilitate themes and do fun, healthful recipe exploration.  I.e. Traditional comfort foods from their heritage/family tree origins. Seasonal themes and preparing for family gatherings, thus being able to host or contribute again. This brings value beyond getting basic nutrition needs met. It facilitates feelings of having purpose and re-connection to family, being able to provide foods or meals that they used to do.  This blesses family and friends and helps maintain connection with loved ones.

Smart Phone Basics

Classes that will teach older adults how to utilize their cell phones to keep in touch with family members:

  • FaceTime | Texting | Taking photos and sharing |and more

Explore Your Family Tree




Bible Study and Prayer

And more…


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