The Gatekeeper Program is a community program designed to identify older adults whose safety and well-being are at risk. Often these individuals are socially isolated, live alone, and are in need of some type of  assistance to maintain their safety and independence.

There are many at-risk older adults who live in our community with  little or no support systems, such as family or friends to act on their behalf, as they begin to experience difficulties.  It has been proven these individual also typically do not self refer or seek help from traditional eldercare providers. If they  receive help, it is because someone they know and trust intervenes on their behalf.

The goal of the program is to preserve the quality of life, independence, safety and dignity of older adults who may need emotional, cognitive or aging care support.


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How the GatekeeperProgram Works

The Gatekeeper Program partners and trains public agencies, organizations, health care providers and caring  community individuals  like you. The training provides skills  that enable them to recognize  and refer older adults who are exhibiting behaviors that  indicate  they may be in need of assistance.


Our Aging Life Care Professional will reach out to the older adult who has been referred and has given consent to provide a free assessment conducted in their home to determine what support and services are needed.

We offer:

  • Screening of older adults with signs of mental health and memory concerns
  • Risk & Needs Assessments Services
  • Connection to community services and specialists
  • Care Planning and Aging Care Solutions
  • In-Home Care Services

This program is for older adults 60 years and older and who provides consent to assist them.

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How the Gatekeeper Program Benefits You.

  • The training will equip you to better handle challenging situations involving seniors and/or mentally ill consumers.
  • Your organization will be more proficient, even while handling challenging situations with consumers who aren’t well or may show disruptive behaviors due to illness.
  • Employees will have increased civic involvement by positively impacting the community, with little time or effort in the normal course of business.
  • Your organization will receive recognition as a community Gatekeeper organization through newsletter and our website.
  • Each trainee will receive a certificate of completion and will find pride and satisfaction in having an honorable role in the community.
  • Your team will be provided with helpful resource information that can be used for helping your consumers or even to help their own families.
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What is Expected of You as a Gatekeeper

  • To show honor and care
  • Recognize when a person may need assistance.
  • Connect the person to help by making a referral to Compass ShiningCare.
  • Gatekeepers are not expected to assume the professional role of social worker or counselor, but simply to be watchful in the course of daily business and help connect. The Gatekeeper is essential in identifying people in trouble or potential trouble.
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What to Expect from the Gatekeeper Training

  • The training will be provided during a convenient time for you.
  • Trainings are conducted at the location of your choice. We have a training space available or we will come to your desired location.
  • Trainings are offered in as little as one hour, thirty minutes or even a 15 minute break, whichever best suits your organization’s needs.
  • You are not expected to be counselors or social workers, but simply to be aware of and identify when a consumer is not well and may need assistance from a professional.
  • Gatekeepers are equipped to connect consumers to help with a one step, easy referral process.


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Are You Ready to Become a Gatekeeper?

You can make a difference. Any concerned member of the community who comes in contact with vulnerable older adults may become a Gatekeeper.

  • ShiningCare will provide FREE on site training
  • We also offer bi-weekly Gatekeeper training at our location

As a Certified Gatekeeper ShiningCare will provide:

  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Gatekeeper Posters
  • Gatekeeper Brochures
  • Gatekeeper Referral Cards
  • Refresher courses
  • Train new employees
  • Provide on-going education modules

To schedule your training at your location, New Online Training or for more information email: or call Colleen at 530-232-5543.


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Download the Gatekeeper Program Brochure

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Download the Gatekeeper Program Brochure-GK-Brochure2015


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