Crisis Response Assistance


ShiningCare strives to prevent risk and harm to isolated and disconnected at-risk elders in times of community crisis or emergency, such as fires, natural disasters and pandemics.

During times of crisis, there is a great need to reach and help isolated and disconnected at-risk older adults, as well as their families who are trying to take care of their needs during very challenging circumstances. Whole families, including the adult children and the grandchildren, are negatively impacted when their elders are at-risk of harm and/or health problems. Families experience much stress and life disruption in trying to figure out how to take care of their elders, often from a distance.

Our Crisis Response and Assistance Program reaches and assists at-risk elders, as well as their family caregivers, in times of crisis and emergency. Needed emotional support and guidance, as well as connection to needed supplies, health care, social services and natural supports are established by the program for safety and overall wellness. Emergency preparedness plans and supplies are also provided for future safety.


Help and support is given to those who would not otherwise be served by conventional means or services by utilizing community volunteers, collaboration with other agencies and trained Gatekeeper businesses.


Recipients receive:

• wellness check for support and guidance

• risk & needs assessment

• care planning

• coordination of necessary support, services and supplies delivery.

We strive to provide fast and effective early intervention to prevent more crisis and subsequent problems, facilitating a means for overall health and wellness for the entire family.

Our Crisis Response and Assistance Program successfully reaches and helps rural individuals & families who normally would not be reached and served to prevent further harm and to maintain wellness.

Crisis Response & Assistance Program Design and Processes:

How recipients access the services: The program is free and anyone age 60+ residing in Shasta County is eligible. Referrals come from Gatekeeper organizations and individuals, family members, friends and self-referral.

Referral Process:

The recipient’s contact information, any pertinent risk details available and recipient’ verbal consent to the referring person or agency is required for referral.

➢ By Phone: (530)232-5543 ➢ By Email:


This free program is funded in part by United Way of Northern California, Redding Rancheria and our generous donors.

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