Excellence in Service Partners

This program establishes and maintains a network of dedicated service providers, working together to meet the needs of elders and their loved ones with the EXCELLENCE quality of services in our community. Brochure available

In addition to serving with excellence these partners provide on going financial contribution which is vital to our ability to fulfill our mission.



  1. To promote the best quality of community services within the complete continuum of care, thus facilitating the overall safety, health and well-being of older adults and their loved ones.
  • Clients experience timely, easy access to excellent essential services according to their needs and wishes.
  • Promotes harmonious relationships among providers easing the collaboration and smooth coordination of services for clients.
  • Fosters stable and continued excellent services for clients.
  1. Clients and loved ones experience peace of mind, feeling confident in having a team of excellent providers to choose from that best suits their needs and wishes for safety, health and well-being for quality of life.
  •  ShiningCare helps to match up clients and providers within our network, so to be tailored to their unique situation needs/wishes.
  • Client’s emergent needs will be quickly met. With already established collaborative processes, all providers can quickly and easily bring in timely services.
  • Should one partner be unavailable in time or unable to provide all that is needed, the client can access other provider’s in that area of service within the network to do the missing parts, thus quickly being able to meet all of client’s needs without the stress of having to seek other services on their own.

 How Excellence in Service Partners Are Selected by ShiningCare:

The following is the strict criteria for selecting Excellence in Service Partners.

  1. They must share our core values related to high ethical standards and integrity.
  2. Have a proven record of high standards for quality service as evidenced by our experience with them, as well as by customer testimonies per our references check.
  3. Gatekeeper training, certification and active participation as a Gatekeeper.
  4. Maintain appropriate licenses and insurances for their industry.
  5. Agree to work harmoniously and in collaboration with our programs and other providers for the benefit of clients.
  6. Demonstrate an understanding and acceptance of our agency vision, mission and ministry.
  7. Premier Excellence in Service Partners have additional requirements specific to their industry.


All of this lends to the overall highest quality of service for the clients.


     Please see these partners in our Local Listings by clicking on their logo: